Wednesday, January 28, 2009


2001Centre, originally uploaded by HokieBurgh.

Here's a picture along Centre in the Hill district from 1954. Notice the New Granada Theater toting that they have air conditioning. Needless to say this corner was in a lot better shape back then than it is now.

Centre and Devilliers Street modern day

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


906Forbes, originally uploaded by HokieBurgh.

Here's a shot of Forbes Ave (Forbes St. at the time) from 1952. It looks into town, toward the courthouse/old jail. These days you can also see Oxford center (view below). The building on the left no longer exists, all that remains these days is a retaining wall. Look closely on the window of the building to the left, it appears to say .....Trouser Co. What a tremendous and forgotten word.

Modern Street View

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Pittsburgh Sports #2: Neil O'Mullet in '92

NeilOdonnell92, originally uploaded by HokieBurgh.

Look closely and you'll see Neil's ape-drape. Something that awesome almost makes up for the two picks in the Super Bowl.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Old Pittsburgh Sports #1 - Tunch Ilkin 1988

Tunch89front, originally uploaded by HokieBurgh.

This whole thing started around a box of old pictures in my basement, but I've decided to extend things seeing that I have an equally deep collection of old baseball/football cards in my bedroom. Pittsburgh is nothing without its sports franchises, and man do I have some interesting stuff in my archives (read shoe boxes).

So here is a first installment of Old Pittsburgh sports....we know and love Tunch for his insightful gameday analysis, but less we forget he was a pro-bowl O-Tackle for the 'Lers in the 1980s. Link to his career stats after the jump.

Tunch @ Pro Football Reference